Recipes, about food, about how, etc.

My life was an exploration of this and that, always with an eye towards sweets and bread. I am a baker and a dessert maker, truly.

This served me well through my childhood into adulthood, pregnancies … until I hit 40 … and the last pregnancy got me good.

I have been on a long journey to savor the savory of food. To move away from sugar, and baking, to enjoy beef and less tomato, less pasta, less carbohydrate but it wasn’t until this November 2021 that I turned to the KETO side of diets and it’s like coming home, where I always was meant to be.

I love cheese, and cream and things just sweet enough, not overly sweet, easy to do with Allulose. It’s a real sugar and at this point in humanity it goes through with no adverseness, so “yeah!”

Making meals for a family when I am eating KETO is very difficult. They don’t want to eat that way. No more rice, potatoes, noodles, other pasta? No way, they say. Granted, I taught them this, so it’s my fault!

Getting acquainted with better ways of cooking, separating the carbs from the meal so that I can partake with my family during dinner is key to my future and theirs, so they can see that carbs aren’t as important as they think, eventually.

Maisy (Old-Time Summer)

Oldtimesummer.com was purchased in 2012, in my heart summer is eternal.

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